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Hello, welcome to my web page.   This is where I post my work and projects and reflect upon them.  This is my first time ever doing anything like this, apart from a website I did in the seventh grade.  The Language Arts blog is where I post my reflections and work.  On my “About Me” page, you can learn all about me (hence the title).  This includes sports, music, books and much more.  I have posted several photographs I have taken on my "My Pictures" page and hope to post many more.  Please post comments.  I will be glad to hear what people think.

Deborah Rich
2/4/2010 12:06:45 pm

Mila, I am so impressed by the bravery and talent that your website displays. It is amazing and exciting to watch your talents grow so far beyond mine. Rock on!

P.S. Have you noticed that almost all your photos are of patterns in nature? Hmmm...Wonder if there is a trend (a pattern?) there.

2/5/2010 06:30:30 am

I enjoyed reading your writing. The pictures you posted are beautiful. My very favorite is the last one.


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