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          Hello again,  I have just got back from Hawaii and I had a great time.  On the My Pictures page there are some pictures I took during our trip.  We were in Hawaii, on The Big Island for almost two weeks.  For the first half of our trip we stayed in the Mauna Lani near Kona.  Then for two nights we stayed in a very old and very small house in Hilo.  After that we voted  to either stay there for a few more nights or go back to Mauna Lani.  The vote was unanimous……we went back to the Mauna Lani.  During the first part of our trip it had been really windy and we hadn’t gotten to go in the water much.  But when we got back from Hilo it was almost perfectly calm.  We went on a Catamaran trip and the driver had to use the engine because there was no wind.  We did a ton of snorkeling, saw a ton of fish, and even saw about ten turtles (not all at once of course).  During this trip I learned that my favorite flavor of shaved Ice is Vanilla.  It was a great trip and I had a lot of fun but I was definitely ready to just be at my house in my own space.

          Also most  of my pictures are in black and white recently and if you are wondering why that is, its because I found this setting on my camera where I can make  it take in black and white and I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, welcome to my web page.   This is where I post my work and projects and reflect upon them.  This is my first time ever doing anything like this, apart from a website I did in the seventh grade.  The Language Arts blog is where I post my reflections and work.  On my “About Me” page, you can learn all about me (hence the title).  This includes sports, music, books and much more.  I have posted several photographs I have taken on my "My Pictures" page and hope to post many more.  Please post comments.  I will be glad to hear what people think.